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About the Artist

Mahnoor Hussain is an aspiring Visual Artist born in 1986 in Lahore, Pakistan.  Completed her BFA from National College of Arts, 2009, with a specialization degree in Miniature Painting (1st class Honours obtained).


Professionally, Hussain has a great deal of exposure in various art related fields varying from teaching Advanced level Art and Design to creating a sub brand of accessories for a Fashion brand and Illustration work for an interactive English Language learning tool. She has participated in a number of art shows locally and internationally.


The best way to describe Hussain's art is by borrowing words from an infamous Pakistani Art critic, Quddus Mirza- "They are about human nature and feelings, which remain the same with the passage of time." The images, though pertaining to the traditional miniature art form are realistic in contrast and contain irony. The issues addressed by Hussain are of an emotional nature and portray the psyche and struggle of individuals. Themes ranging from obsessive behavior through eating disorders to isolation and it's effects- mixed with a vibrant colour pallette and expressive portraits are her trademark.


Currently the Artist is residing in Rhode Island, and continues to pursue her painting career.

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